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with AI / ML, Big Data and Cloud

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Welcome to Zen Software Solutions! Thanks for reaching out and connecting with us. We are excited to serve you with the best of our solutions and are here to ensure your experience working with us is pleasant and a memorable one.

Our Approach

We at Zen Software Solutions, are always striving to deliver excellence to our customers with new and innovative solutions that fit the requirements and budget of our clients globally. Customer satisfaction is the key to our success and that is the reason we do have client relationships that have continued for decades. While we build the solutions using the new cutting technologies, we do not forget the old legacy systems where your data has been persisted for decades. We help you build pipelines to ingest this historical data into new edge data lake platforms so it can be used for data analytics and deeper insights. 

Focus on Cloud

Cloud-based solutions, the new industry norm, are proving to be a boon to start-ups, SMEs and the aspiring entrepreneurs that are operating under certain fiscal constraints to reach global customers using technology solutions that help them compete with the global competition at a very affordable price using Pay-as-you-go model. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data and Cloud are making it possible for Zen Software Solutions to offer smart and intelligent solutions to its customers without any big investments on technology upfront.

With the proliferating popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, more and more businesses are turning towards these technological advancements for an enhanced experience, effortless accessibility and effective disaster recovery. Working on ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, Cloud computing offers more flexibility and less maintenance to the businesses. Though the industry is witnessing an overwhelming number of enterprises, still there is a dire need for credible solutions to transform the disrupted business world digitally.

Growth with Open Source; Trust with Enterprise

Zen encourages use of Open-Source technologies wherever possible that makes it possible to keep the cost low for the end customers. At the same time, to ensure enterprise grade reliability, efficiency, and security, Zen recommends Enterprise Solutions to its corporate clients in Private Cloud as well as On-Premise infrastructure offerings. Zen has partnered with Odoo (earlier known as Open ERP) for Enterprise ERP solutions for startups, SMEs and Large Corporates. Apart from Odoo, other cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services are used to build solutions that best fit need of its customers on a case-by-case basis. With help of its partner eco-system, Zen is able to offer its clients hefty cost-cutting on large-scale ERP implementations saving up to 70% on annual software licensing costs.

Apart from the team of full-time employees, Zen has a large pool of skilled professionals from across the globe that helps to build an extra-ordinary team capability and offers a sustainable and highly scalable resource model to the company. Company also offers white-labeled technical support services model to its clients, both onsite and offsite. With diverse expertise, these industry experts are effectively transforming the business ideas of the clients into robust solutions to resonate with global service standards. Making symphony with its end-consumer needs, the company is grabbing  the eyeballs in the industry.

“We believe in effectively serving our clients hailing from diverse verticals, including e-Commerce, Manufacturing, Retail, Banking, Finance, Logistics and Education, through most modern and cost-effective service offerings to assist SMBs in improving their business operations efficiency with streamlined and proven processes.”, states company’s Managing Director.

Innovation is the Key to Success

Team at Zen Software Solutions  continuously works on making solutions automated, efficient and effective using AI and Machine Learning. For example, Zen’s ERP system, powered by Odoo, offers AI based data ingestions for documents, such as purchase invoices, expense receipts, etc. to automate data feeding into the system in smart way. Through continuous improvement, this process has evolved over time and as of date provides a highly efficient and accurate data ingestion from even wrinkled paper document images. Apart from it, Machine Learning  helps to develop a predictive data model that can suggest next best action based on past behavior and historical data. These solutions are further customized for a seamless integration and to elevate the quality of legacy business processes. Moreover, keeping the need for cost-optimization into consideration, the company ensures best-in-class solutions at affordable prices with smart and dedicated efforts.

The Power of AI/ML, Big-data, Cloud and Automation

AI /ML, Big Data and Cloud are helping Zen to set its pace with the world. AI / ML Models built using historical organizational data help its clients to automate certain decision-making processes to save on time, cost and resources. Many clients are taking initiatives to implement AI/ML in their existing processes for making faster decisions.

Zen has also forayed into the home-automation segment where it offers exemplary smart devices for comfort and convenience to control them using your mobile from wherever you are in the world. Additionally, the company is offering a location tracking system that helps to revolutionize the field sales and logistics sector. Such solutions help elevate the business efficiency of the clients while maintaining harmony with their requirements. Such promising solutions provides a big opportunity to the company and allow the enterprises to extend their reach to appliances used in office or at home or anywhere across the globe, with an optimal cost and boosted efficiency.

Leading by Example

A firm's leadership decides the future of an organization. Mapping out the path to behemoth success, a leader must possess a crystal clear vision to make a difference. Every leader perceives leadership distinctly. Zen management believes in leading by example. As followers always mirror the leaders’ actions, so setting an ideal illustration of encouraging leadership is crucial to ensure the growth in leaps and bounds. Further, a leader must have an inclusive approach to encourage employee engagement and thrive a cohesive ecosystem at the workplace.

Finally, we are here to deliver the new age solutions for business needs. Let us know how can we help you. 

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